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US-8120497-B2: RFID transponder enclosure for harsh environments patent, US-8236481-B2: Method to fabricate a redirecting mirror in optical waveguide devices patent, US-8345325-B2: Segmented reflective optical system patent, US-6865853-B2: Base assembly for wall panel construction patent, US-6977984-B2: Methods and apparatus for dynamical helical scanned image production patent, US-7293931-B2: Enhanced fluid dispenser container fitment patent, US-7431760-B2: Ink and ink-jet recording ink patent, US-7534751-B2: Photo-labile pro-fragrance conjugates patent, US-7558286-B2: Method of scheduling data and signaling packets for push-to-talk over cellular networks patent, US-7645092-B2: Treatment of in ground chromium ore processing residue patent, US-7997647-B2: Safety seat patent, US-8205113-B2: Fault tolerant batch processing patent, US-8222898-B1: Method and apparatus for utilizing magnetic field modulation to increase the operating frequency of sensors patent, US-8258432-B2: Welding trip steels patent, US-8413517-B2: Fuel cell system and heated pressure sensor patent, US-8457494-B2: PON multicast communication system, multicast management method, and corresponding devices patent, US-8580311-B2: Nanoparticles patent, US-6932018-B2: Manual hydrofoil and spar truss assembly for wind powered watercraft patent, US-7159714-B2: Sharps transport and disposal system patent, US-7294053-B2: Prescription paper for physicians patent, US-7541621-B2: Semiconductor light emitting device having a current narrowing portion and manufacturing method for semiconductor light emitting device patent, US-7795843-B2: Short circuit detection for batteries patent, US-7828286-B2: Automatic document scanner with upright visible document images patent, US-2012005968-A1: System and method for modular housing patent, US-8187957-B2: Field-effect transistor and method for fabricating the same patent, US-8234829-B2: Floor panel and method for the manufacture thereof patent, US-6954885-B2: Method and apparatus for coding bits of data in parallel patent, US-6980794-B1: Communication apparatus patent, US-7140884-B2: Contact assembly and method of making thereof patent, US-7282006-B2: Power transmission device with thermally compensating bearing preload mechanism patent, US-7348087-B2: Fuel cell with integral manifold patent, US-7496832-B2: Web page rendering based on object matching patent, US-7572078-B2: Electronic key depth sensing device and method for interpreting keystroke levels of the device patent, US-7682826-B2: Human embryonic stem cells and culturing methods thereof patent, US-7845245-B2: Method for attaching a sample to a manipulator by melting and then freezing part of said sample patent, US-7959522-B2: Golf driver head with exchangeable rear sections patent, US-8311483-B2: Radio white space sensing patent, US-8365563-B2: Methods for reducing ridge buckles and annealing stickers in cold rolled strip and ridge-flattening skin pass mill patent, US-6798824-B2: Spread spectrum subscriber unit for analyzing multipath components patent, US-6869419-B2: Unit dose low viscosity material dispensing system including syringe with breach patent, US-7077445-B2: Dual lever locking hook patent, US-7080958-B1: Vibratory pile driver/extractor with two-stage vibration/tension load suppressor patent, US-7386923-B1: Casket latch assembly patent, US-7669621-B2: Stationary bedknife for disc chipper apparatus patent, US-7755706-B2: Method for correcting for distortion of projected image, program for correcting image distortion, and projection-type image display device patent, US-7762802-B2: Mold insert stack for use in an injection mold and a coupler thereof patent, US-7921304-B2: Securing data set images patent, US-8153374-B2: Heat flow polymerase chain reaction methods patent, US-8282424-B2: Telecommunications jack with a multilayer PCB patent, US-8428464-B2: Methods and devices for detection of a first signal superimposed on a second signal patent, US-6816732-B1: Optimal load-based wireless session context transfer patent, US-6848440-B2: Grill unit and cooking apparatus with the same patent, US-7110331-B2: Information storage device patent, US-7335104-B2: Gaming machine with explanations of payouts won patent, US-7353276-B2: Bi-directional affinity patent, US-7450899-B2: Device and method for saving power during monitoring of a broadcast channel using broadcast scheduling information patent, US-7714612-B1: Integrated circuit with pin-selectable mode of operation and level-shift functionality and related apparatus, system, and method patent, US-7726074-B2: Window-winding arrangement patent, US-7954258-B2: Article of footwear with walled cleat system patent, US-8003075-B2: Diagnostic assay for human matrix GLA-protein and its use as a biomarker patent, US-8206151-B2: Dental wedge patent, US-8422474-B2: Method and apparatus for transceiving data in a MIMO system patent, US-6995310-B1: Method and apparatus for sensing and displaying tablature associated with a stringed musical instrument patent, US-7451447-B1: Method, computer program and apparatus for operating system dynamic event management and task scheduling using function calls patent, US-7747151-B2: Image processing device and method patent, US-7506494-B2: Pivot-blade cutting and retaining means for rotary mowers patent, US-7667923-B1: Hard drive data platter impairment tool patent, US-7726728-B2: Headliner having a sunroof opening patent, US-7915280-B2: Compounds and their uses patent, US-7989234-B2: Method for manufacturing thin film transistor and method for manufacturing display device patent, US-8190183-B2: System and method for differentiating between incoming and outgoing messages and identifying correspondents in a TTY communication patent, US-8231331-B2: Reduction of flow-induced noise in a centrifugal blower patent, US-8269922-B2: Liquid crystal display device patent, US-7292480-B2: Memory card having buffer memory for storing testing instruction patent, US-8123803-B2: System and device for correcting hyperopia and presbyopia patent, US-8482572-B2: Storage medium having stored thereon color conversion program, and color conversion apparatus patent, US-8506097-B2: Integrated mirror device for vehicle patent, US-8586438-B2: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-6781801-B2: Tunneling magnetoresistive sensor with spin polarized current injection patent, US-7023187-B2: Integrated circuit for generating a plurality of direct current (DC) output voltages patent, US-7273045-B2: System and method for reducing NOx emissions during transient conditions in a diesel fueled vehicle with EGR patent, US-7309536-B2: Method for vehicle thermal management patent, US-7958896-B2: Magnetic force devices, systems, and methods for resisting tissue collapse within the pharyngeal conduit patent, US-8342289-B2: Noise reducing device, manufacturing method for the noise reducing device, and pneumatic tire having the noise reducing device patent, US-7374897-B2: Enzyme cycling based assays for alpha-methylacyl-CoA racemase patent, US-7814579-B2: Modular helmet patent, US-8133227-B2: Sternum closure device patent, US-8377620-B2: Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and toner for image forming apparatus patent, US-8495372-B2: Authentication methods and apparatus using pairing protocols and other techniques patent, US-7391882-B2: Prior knowledge, level set representations and visual grouping patent, US-7838501-B2: Coumermycin/novobiocin-regulated gene expression system patent, US-8084507-B2: Cosmetic O/W emulsion comprising 1,2-hexanediol patent, US-8434333-B2: Tri-layer knit fabric, thermal protective members formed therefrom and methods of construction thereof patent, US-6897629-B2: Method and apparatus for adaptive control and protection of hybrid electric vehicle systems patent, US-7285919-B2: Electronic ballast having improved power factor and total harmonic distortion patent, US-7592264-B2: Process for removing material from substrates patent, US-7967043-B2: Method and apparatus for cutting veneer sheets from a flitch patent, US-8387015-B2: Scalable automated empirical testing of media files on media players patent, US-7836951-B2: Methods and apparatus for collecting a downhole sample patent, US-8441401-B2: Vehicle antenna mounting apparatus, systems, and methods patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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